Once we decide to work together, an agreement is entered into to perform design work. This process will involve continued consultation and feedback between us. An exact floor plan is established, elevations and 3-D renderings are done, cabinets are selected, appliances are established, and items such as sinks and cabinet accessories are chosen. We are capable of assisting you with nearly all aspects of your project including the selection of lighting, flooring, plumbing fixtures, tiling and finishes. Once the design is complete a detailed estimate of the cost of cabinetry, countertops and other items is produced. The design service fee will be quoted for each project based upon the scope of work. The quote typically includes one round of concepts and drawings, additional work may increase the cost. The entire design fee is refunded upon signing a purchase agreement for cabinetry and tops. 

Ownership of Drawings & Design  |  Dovetail Designs retains ownership of all drawings until a purchase agreement is signed. We will allow you to take the drawings for your personal use, but they are not to be used by anyone else without our permission.  


Purchase Agreement  |  Once the design, budget and selections are made we will produce a purchase agreement detailing our offer of cabinets, countertops and accessories. The purchase agreement typically includes a 50% deposit upon signing. Any design fee paid will be applied to the deposit.

Ordering  |  Upon receipt of the signed purchase agreement and deposit we will place orders for items. Lead times for items vary and during this process we will let you know what those will be.

Site Visits  |  It is important to us that your project is successful. We will offer job-site layout assistance and consultation as needed to see that your project goes smoothly. 

When It's All Done  |  When the installation is complete, we will visit you to see how everything went and answer any questions you might have. We will review with you how all the items we provided work, how to adjust cabinet doors, and how to care for and maintain your new cabinets and tops. After this, all you have to do is enjoy you're new space!


Dovetail Designs offers design-only services at a rate of $75/hour. We will estimate the total cost prior to commencement, based on your requirements. This will be an estimate only and not a guarantee of cost. An average kitchen will run $1,500+. If we have given you a budget we will let you know when that may be exceeded based upon the work performed to date. Note that design fees are refunded upon the purchase of cabinets and tops.